About Blue Oval Car Barn

Blue Oval Car Barn

The Blue Oval Car Barn is located in a former car dealer’s showroom in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Finley and Joni Ledbetter own the Blue Oval Car Barn

Blue Oval Car Barn and 1971Mustangs.com is owned and operated by Finley and Joni Ledbetter.

Blue Oval Car Barn and its website at 1971Mustangs.com were created by
Finley Ledbetter

A 1971 Mustang enthusiast since 1973, Finley has been involved in over 50 restorations, acquisitions, inspections and sales.  He currently owns about 60 high-performance cars including one of the largest collections of 1971 Mustangs in the nation.

Finley established this website as a resource for other 1971 Mustang devotees to support their

  • restoration projects
  • parts and car searches
  • pre-buy inspections and appraisals
  • and pre-judging preparation.

With several Concours Gold winning cars, Finley has the network of vendors and contacts in this specialized world to assist the owner, or hopeful owner, by guiding him through the potential pitfalls.

Finley is available for phone or in person consultation to support your search for parts or cars; your restoration project, pre-buy inspections and appraisals, or pre-judging preparation.  Here’s how to contact Finley

Use the following link to view photos and details on the cars currently on display in the Blue Oval Car Barn showroom.   These link are to information on Finley’s other cars, his motorcycles. and project cars he owns that are for sale.

Virtual Tour & Other Videos: Use the following link to view the virtual tour which will take you on a stroll through the showroom where you can view the cars on display at the time the tour was filmed.  NOTE: Due to space limitations, not all of the cars can be displayed in the showroom at the same time so we periodically rotate which cars are on display.  Other videos are also available for viewing.