Cars On Display At Blue Oval Car Barn

This online showroom is a virtual museum featuring 1971 Mustangs and other vintage high-performance muscle cars of that era which are currently on display at the Blue Oval Can Barn.  You can browse the photo gallery below and review the details about each car.

You, your group or club can view these cars at Blue Oval Car Barn located in Mineral Wells, Texas.  Just stop by!  If you don’t catch us at the Car Barn,  contact Finley to set up an appointment.

Finley owns about 60 high-performance muscle cars; and due to space limitations at our showroom, not all of our cars can be displayed there at the same time so we periodically rotate which cars are on display in the showroom.  You can view the cars not currently on display in the Other Cars section of this website. So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage, and enjoy a virtual walk-through of a slice of the high-performance, muscle car era.

And while you’re at it, be sure you don’t miss taking a look at our Spotlight Car.

Have, or know of Mustang muscle car(s) or part(s) for sale?  We pay a cash finders fee for cars or parts that meet our needs.  Let us know what you have.