Spotlight Car: Polaris Drag Team 1971 Pro Stock Mustang Boss 429

Polaris Drag Team 1971 Pro Stock Mustang Boss 429

Spotlight Car: Polaris Drag Team 1971 Pro Stock Mustang Boss 429

With a red, white and blue patriot theme called the “American Way”, this car originated with the Polaris Drag Team and is a true piece of drag racing history.

Purchased by the Polaris Drag Team as a plain Jane, Grabber Blue, 6 cylinder, 3-speed, sportsroof 1971 Mustang, it underwent extensive modifications and upgrades to produce the car you see here.

Highlights of this Polaris Drag Team 1971 Pro Stock Mustang include:

  • It’s a vintage 1970s Pro Stocker with a well-documented history
  • Holman and Moody fresh Boss 429 engine, dyno tested at 700 HP
  • Gapp and Rousch raised port heads with matching tunnel ram
  • NOS B&M clutch which operates a C6 transmission
  • Original acid dipped 1971 body
  • Dana 60 with 4.88 gears
  • Rotisserie restoration
  • Fiberglass hood and deck lid
  • Best Appearing Crew award at Indy in 1972 and 1973
  • Originally a six cylinder, 3-speed car that was converted to a Pro Stocker when new
  • A unique part of drag racing history
  • Press release kit

Historical Summary:

In late 1968 after returning from Vietnam, Andy Plym of Niles, Michigan caught the drag racing bug, and soon after purchased a Boss 302 Mustang. Having limited success he turned to Gapp and Roush Racing of Livonia, Michigan for advice. They suggested a 428 1970 Mustang coupe. This was the start of the Polaris Drag Team. Team members included Larry Mihaleil, Jerry Baker, Wayne Van Gilder, Bill  Reeves, and Andy Plym.

They went with a Red, White and Blue patriotic theme called the “American Way”. Super stock racing was very successful to the Polaris Drag Team. So they decided to add a Pro Stock car to their efforts. With the expertise of Larry Mihalek and his connections with the Ford Drag Team, they selected a new 1971 Fastback Mustang. It was a plain Jane, Grabber Blue, 6 cylinder, 3-speed, sportsroof, VIN 1F02L135858.

The 1971 Mustang car was immediately cut apart at the dealership, and haulded to California for acid dipping. It was next taken to the Logghe Brothers Shop for tin, brakes and chassis work. They chose a Gapp and Roush raised port Boss 429 engine backed by a B&M clutch and a C6 transmission. These were all first for Pro Stock. A Dana 60 with 4:88 gear ratio was used.

The body is currently restored to the same red, white, and blue Polaris Drag Team colors, including the unique red, white and blue interior – seats, door panels and carpet. This car was raced Nationwide along with the Super Stock car, winning many awards including the Best Appearing Crew Award in Indianapolis in 1972 and 1973.

When the team disbanded after the 1973 season, the car was painted all red and raced in the Midwest until it was put in storage in the mid 80’s. Fast forward to 2012 when VIN 1F02L135858 received a rotisserie restoration on the original acid dipped body, which includes a fiberglass hood and deck lid, and it still retains the Logghe tin, brakes and chassis work. A Holman and Moody Boss 429 was topped with Gapp and Roush Raised Port Heads and matching tunnel Ram whichDynoed at 703 HP. All this is backed with an NOS B&M clutch which operates a C6 transmission.

And yes, this car is owned by Finley Ledbetter of Blue Oval Car Barn.